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Since Establishing our Unique Technology in 2020, we have dedicated our software to helping Brands, Creators, CEO's & Corporations on a Global Scale feel safe and insured when it comes to their Content & Personal Brand. Here at Airase we take a people first approach to Copyright which essentially means we see the stories behind the content. This awareness and connection with our Clients allows us to passionately cultivate a sense of urgency & efficiency when it comes to our takedown process. By joining the Airase team you can feel assured that your content and your story is being protected through the combination of our advanced web scraping technology & the intellect of an Anti-Piracy and Copyright Violations team.


Because you are more

than your leaked content.

The voice of our Clients Matters to us... and it should matter to you. Here at Airase we value Efficiency, Fastidiousness, Compassion for the Cases we take on and here is what our Clients have had to Say.

It was so scary how fast my content was leaked even though I had a copyright disclaimer on my OnlyFans account. After all the leaks were removed , Airase now scans daily for any leaked content of mine and removes them before it gets out of control. My mental health and attitude has changed massively knowing I have an authentic team keeping me secure and safe online so I can focus on creating content! 

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Simply Choose your Package based on Number of Leaks & Desired Insurance Plan and you are good to go. And if you run into any trouble, Rest Assured you can get in touch with one of our qualified agents to walk you through the process.

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Say goodbye to stressing about stolen work, leaked private content, misused material and gossiping hometown friends. We will handle the heavy lifting while you get back to doing what you do best!




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