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DMCA takedowns is an effective method to provide information such as proof/evidence ownership of stolen content, applicable links to the owner of the site/hosting page. The information needs to be 100% correct and properly filled out to be accepted and reviewed. Unfortunately DMCA takedowns are always a success, Thats why we have computer generated notices that are sent out on our clients behalf via our software daily. 


The World Wide Web have some lucrative ways of hiding and hosting content, Platforms such as Reddit, Discord, Telegram are just some of the platforms being used to create groups that illegally transfer material. Hundreds of these pages/groups are made daily and can be hard to find. Airase locates these infringing platforms using our advanced software and our team of trained professionals to ensure these are removed accurately including all infringed content inside.


Image Based Sexual Abuse is a crime, Click on the link to view more about this. More information about how we are going to help combat this will be coming soon. 




With our proprietary advanced web software we are able to identify any illegally hosted content of our clients from over 18,000 websites, Cyberlockers, Social, Streaming & P2P platforms.

Our trained piracy enforcement team will investigate the validity of the identified content and then begin our multiple stage cease & desist process. The team also utilise our representative contacts at these websites to aid in the speed of the out of court removal process all whilst completing a full log on the process of the case for your viewing.

Our team export a full case log for the client - showing all completed and pending infringed content. Our reports also include data snippets such as the exposure level of the leaked content & the potential revenue recovery.



Our bot-software is self improving, Machine learning uses your deletion history to add new strategies, key words to implement new search rules.

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