One Off Removals

Airase offers One Off Removals for Online Creatives looking to remove Unwanted, Leaked or Copyrighted Content Online. 

The below form is kept confidential with the Airase team and an Agent will respond within 4-24hrs with confirmation and payment details to begin our removal process.

The One Off Removal Process Explained:

Submit Form 

Await confirmation of removal from Airase, 4-24hrs.

Complete payment for the confirmed URL links in Que for removal.

Airase will start the removal process and send confirmation and progress updates via your online portal.

And repeat, If required.

We can remove from and not limited too.

Reddit, Discord, Gofile, Mega, Google, Website Forums, Porn Sites, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and MORE.


Service Information:

  • Price Per URL link is removal $99.

  • Each URL link can contain infinite amounts of material.

  • If you have material over multiple pages of 1 website, This means multiple URL links will need to be supplied. 

  • If your material is posted in seperate sections of a forum page, comments, tags, This means multiple URL links will need to be supplied.

  • URL links need to be direct to the source.

  • If you have any other questions please message our Copyright Consultants.