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Protect your brand.
Protect your content.
Protect your revenue. 

Your image & your brand
are worth protecting.

Are you sick and tired of your hard work being ripped off?

Tired of losing subscribers and fans because they are getting your juicier content for free elsewhere?
Tired of people using your images or your likeness to solicit business for themselves?

Or worse, taking photos and videos of you while working without your knowledge and sharing it online without your knowledge and consent online. 

Don't let your hard work, building up your brand, your reputation, your high end profile and business suffer.

Don't let others profit off your hard work.


Don't lose out on potential income because your content is able to be located for free online.

Don't let others diminish your brand and your value with leaks or stolen content distributed
on sites and platforms which don't align with your brand. 

If your content, or pictures and videos of you, are being shared online without your explicit consent, you have the power to do something about it. Take out insurance to protect your most valuable asset, YOU. 

If you are ready for some peace of mind online and are ready to work with a copyright enforcement agency that cares about your brand, content and revenue as much as you do…
Start a FREE 3 days trial with us now and let’s kick start your *content* insurance.


Breeze through


Simply Choose your Package based on Number of Leaks & Desired Insurance Plan and you are good to go. And if you run into any trouble, Rest Assured you can get in touch with one of our qualified agents to walk you through the process.

Online Communicatons

Jessika Power

My revenue was effective from the amount of content leaked on public sites. 1 month with Airase truely shifted the imbalance and I couldn't be happier.

Alana Lister

I have been on the Premium Plan for 7 months now and couldn't imagine not being with Airase.

Alliyah Davidson

I have Deep Fakes created of me! I was unaware of the damage this was causing to my online brand... Airase removed them swiftly and monitored to ensure they didn't appear again.

We see the Stories & People
behind the content.

Since Establishing our Unique Technology in 2020, we have dedicated our software to helping Brands, Creators, CEO's & Corporations on a Global Scale feel safe and insured when it comes to their Content & Personal Brand. Here at Airase we take a people first approach to Copyright which essentially means we see the stories behind the content. This awareness and connection with our Clients allows us to passionately cultivate a sense of urgency & efficiency when it comes to our takedown process. By joining the Airase team you can feel assured that your content and your story is being protected through the combination of our advanced web scraping technology & the intellect of an Anti-Piracy and Copyright Violations team.




Happy Surfer

Insurance Plans

for all Budgets.

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